The Designing

Elmec uses appropriate equipment to guarantee a modern and satisfactory service, a combination that is completed by experts with a huge experience in the branch who are able to complete their work in the best possible way. In addition to retrofit, revision, maintenance and transfer services our company follows the entire plant design according to the highest quality standards.

More specifically, we deal with:

  • Electrical installation design for presses.
  • Pneumatic systems design.
  • Grease and oil lubrication system design.
  • Hydraulic system design for every application.
  • Mechanical modifications design for specific applications and spare parts adaptations of current mechanical or hydraulic presses on old generation machines.

After a careful design work, the Staff of the company is able to deal with:

  • Mechanical modification construction for presses;
  • Mechanical and hydraulic spare parts construction for presses in sample;
  • Hydraulic system construction for presses;
  • Lubrication system construction for presses;
  • Electrical system construction for presses.

Revision and Retrofit presses

Scheduled Assistance and Maintenance

The Designing

Adaptation to standards and CE Marking


Construction and sale of spare parts

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