Revision and Retrofit presses

In a branch in continuous technological development, and not only, it can happen that some mechanical presses or hydraulic presses can become obsolete over time, even if they are still working.

One of the Elmec’s goal is precisely to make the presses in step wih times and this is the reason why the company offers a mechanical and electrical retrofit service for presses. The retrofit serves precisely to update the machine through the installation of the most modern technologies to align the work of an older machinery with that of modern generation equipment. The press revisionis carried out by professional and highly experienced Staff that guarantees the solution of technical problems, the maintenance and the streamlining of the machinery, knowing also how to generate all the proper changes useful to achieve the highest production of the machines.

Our presses revision services, from the hydraulic presses revision to the mechanical presses revision can be carried out at the client or at our headquarters near Turin. Elmec offers a customized press revision service following in detail the client’s requests and respects the norms planed out by the Machinery Directive.

Our retrofit service for structural changes requests, strengthening and speeding up, includes:
Retrofit mechanical press
Retrofit electrical press.

Every single machinery can be certified and appraised at the end of the revision with the help of our authorized partners. We also provide maintenance programs to upkeep mechanical and hydraulic presses, software and electrical maintenance and a customized retrofit for presses with six-month and yearly service contracts.

Revision and Retrofit presses

Scheduled Assistance and Maintenance

The Designing

Adaptation to standards and CE Marking


Construction and sale of spare parts

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