Adaptation to standards and CE Marking

Our company pays particular attention to the safety of presses no longer in line with the new regulations. After having carried out a risk assessmet of the machinery together with the costumer, we are able to supply and install safety systems that ensure compliance with the rules in force.

When we retrofit a hydraulic or mechanical press we are not limited to the replacement of all worn components, the design of new plants or the inclusion of new production cycle control systems but together with our certified and authotised partners we can provide the declaration of conformity of the 2006/42/CE Machinery Directive of 17 May 2006, and or the CE MARKING. In addition, in face of minor safety upgrades, we can provide expert opinions certified by the body in charge.


Revision and Retrofit presses

Scheduled Assistance and Maintenance

The Designing

Adaptation to standards and CE Marking


Construction and sale of spare parts

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