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About us

Elmec Srl is a company founded in 2010 near Turin and today is the result of 20 years of experience and professionalism grown up in the mechanichal, electronical, industrial assembly and cold pressing sectors.
Thanks to the qualified staff who works in this company the client is pleased and satisfied in every single request. The quality equipment and the high technical level of Elmec guarantee the complete satisfaction of the costumers, solving every different need, starting from the maintenance of the presses to their revision, up to the design, construction and certification of mechanical presses and hydraulic presses.

The company has the goal to give to its clients an unique supplier who is able to solve any kind of need. Nowadays, more present than ever, inside the big automotive manufacturers and not only, Elmec, in continuous growth and development, offers a new concept of mechanical and hydraulic presses maintenance, obtaining a remarkable result and totally in line with the high demand of the current market.

The sector of mechanical presses, hydraulic presses and industrial assemblies is in constantly expanding and this is the reason why our company follows so carefully new technologies and innovations to keep up with the times.

Elmec is not only The Supplier for the creation of new components, it is also The Client’s Assistant in the design, in the press review processes, in the maintenance, as well as in the after-sales assistance.

Our strategy aims to the satisfaction of a clientele that is increasingly attentive to technological services and the customization of requests. Elmec is structured to work not only in Italy but also in any part of the world.


  • Revision and Retrofit presses
  • Scheduled Assistance and maintenance
  • The Designing
  • Construction and Sale of spare parts
  • Presses Transport
  • Adaptation to standards and CE Marking

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